5 reasons Yellow Bull uses Robbialac paint

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Robbialac is the oldest company of paints in Portugal. On the market since 1931, it has been known ever since for the quality of its products. Yellow Bull uses only top-quality products.

Robbialac Durability

Do you want the paint of your house to last longer? So, Robbialac has the best in terms of durability.

For the exterior, we advise you to use Super Rep, considered the best product on the market for exterior facades. Also, the 100% acrylic paint and water-repellent Aquarepel guarantee work that can last a long time in good shape.

That’s why Robbialc gives a guarantee of 10 years. The same for NG Fachadas Ultra Mate paint. That is the goal of Yellow Bull company. The durability of our refurbishment.


Essentially, when painting the interior of your house, you desire to paint that you can easily wash.

Because you have a big family, because you have kids, or because you have pets, you need the washability that only top paints of Robbialac can offer you.

Otherwise, you will see marks and dirt everywhere. Rep semi satin, is one of the products that Yellow Bull loves to use when remodelling a house.  Velvet touch and super washable paint.

If you pretend a mate finishes, we advise you to use Clean § Go. The best of the mate paints for the interior. You can wash the walls without leaving marks.

Project Vale do Lobo SP - Yellow Bull

Variety of portfolio

Robbialac has all the solutions in terms of paints… Interior paints, Exterior paints, for walls, metals, wood, floors, all kinds of varnishes, and different kinds of shines, to make the impermeabilization of your terrace, water protection for the roof, for stone walls, for the tiles.

It is very important for Yellow Bull to partner with a company that has an enormous variety of solutions in the market of painting and house renovation.

Wall paint cans

Technical Assistance and advising

Robbialac has about 58 shops, and there you can find the best technical advice and technical support from the most qualified professionals.

For Yellow Bull, this issue is essential as we always pretend the best solutions for our clients.

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